Pure Linen Care Guide

With each wash and proper laundering, our linen becomes softer and more desirable, offering a unique sleeping experience and wonderfully tactile products for around the home. Hale Mercantile Co. linen sheets are pre-shrunk and pre-washed to ensure our products retain their original quality from the first wash.

Linen Sheets

WASH: A gentle warm machine wash is recommended with like colours. Avoid over-filling the machine so the product can move freely during the wash. To maintain the colour of your linen, we advise not to use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners and avoid exposure to continual sunlight. We suggest using a mild liquid detergent on all of our linen sheets taking care to ensure your sheets are well rinsed at the end of each cycle.

DRY: Our linen has been pre-washed at very high temperatures to ensure that with proper care no further shrinkage should occur. It can be tumble dried safely on low to medium heat to keep your linen soft and to maintain its textural appeal.

IRON: Whilst our linens can be ironed, it is not recommended as our products are designed to be relaxed in nature.

Fitted Sheets

As fitted sheets are subject to more friction than any other bedding item, is it subject to speedier deterioration if over used and not cared for correctly. Using your sheet every day and washing it once a week or more is overuse. You should always alternate your sheets as you would your clothes.

It is important that your machine is not overfilled when washing. Always use a mild liquid detergent and avoid optical brighteners. 

We strongly recommend tumble drying our linen, at least partially. Linen is a very loose weave, if it is subject to constant use and never tumble dried it is not given the opportunity to return to its original woven state and constant stretch caused over time will inevitably wear the linen out. 

Linen Blankets and Throws

Please note our Flocca Linen Blankets should not be dried in a tumble dryer, but instead flat or line dried out of direct sunlight.

Our Linen Crush Throws go through a softening process that expands the yarns and can cause minor lint. As a result we strongly recommend washing and tumble drying your linen throws separately when they are new to remove any excess lint or fluff. This will stop any minor shedding after a couple of washes and your linen throws will become even softer and more luxurious with age.

Linen Waffle Towels

Our Linen Waffle Towels go through a softening process that expands the yarns and can cause minor lint. As a result we strongly recommend washing and tumble drying your towels separately when they are new to remove any excess lint or fluff. This will stop any minor shedding after a couple of washes and your towels will become even softer and more luxurious with age.

Whilst we recommend tumble drying your towels, if you tumble dry on high heat this will cause temporary shrinkage. Once water is reapplied to your product it will return to its original size.

Linen Rugs

To preserve the life of your rug, we recommend using an anti-slip underlay and with proper care and maintenance, your rug should last for years. Our rugs are simple to maintain with regular vacuuming to prevent the pile from flattening. It is best not to use a rotating brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Periodically rotate your rug to alter the traffic pattern on the surface and if it is in a sunny location the fibres will change over time, especially if placed in direct sunlight for several hours a day. Our rugs are for dry indoor use as natural fibres are absorbent and will shrink and expand with humidity changes.

When cleaning your rug, most light marks can be cleaned with a damp cloth but any liquid spills onto the rug needs to be attended to quickly to lessen the chance of a possible stain. With any spill, don’t rub the liquid out but instead, blot to try and draw the moisture out with a clean, absorbent white cloth immediately. If required, our rugs can be machine washed at 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit) or less with a mild liquid detergent in a large washing machine. Dry flat away from direct sunlight. As with any natural fibre floor covering, HMCo rugs can be dry cleaned if required but not shampooed as shampooing natural fibre products can cause them to shrink or expand depending on the fibre.

Food or solids accidentally dropped on your rug need to be removed carefully with the edge of a spoon, making sure you don’t make the area to clean larger. Blot any remaining food spills to get rid of as much as possible before further cleaning. Treat the stain with water and a sponge. If water alone isn’t enough to clean the stain, use a mild detergent with warm water but make sure to clean it all off the rug after. Blot the treated area with a cloth or paper towel to get rid of excess water before letting the rug completely dry.

Given the rug’s thick yarn design, slight variations in shading are an inherent part of the design and will be unique to each rug.

Linen Furniture Slip Covers

The HMCo furniture collection, Ligo and Bruhg, feature our upholstery weight removable linen slipcovers. Our slipcovers are woven with the finest Belgian yarns. The dyed finish is designed to look aged and perfectly imperfect, lending itself to slow, aged fading over time.

WASH: Our slipcovers are machine washable in cold or warm water (30 degrees), using a mild liquid detergent. Do not use detergents with bleach additives or optical brighteners and use detergents sparingly. It is not recommended to use a washing machine with an agitator. Slipcovers can be dry-cleaned.

IRON: Not recommended

TIPS: Spot clean spillages as soon as possible using the absorbent cloth (paper towel to mop rather than wipe). Never rub a stain as this will only cause it to penetrate the fibre. Clean any remaining liquid with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. If caught early, most spills can be completely removed in this way without the need for washing. For dried stains, gently brush off excess material and dab with warm water.


Please note that Hale Mercantile Co. linen is prewashed and softened to achieve a natural aged patina. Colour within any one article can be muted in places as a result. This is not a fault in our linen. It is done with intention to achieve our relaxed, aged style.

Pending on availability, the European flax used to spin our yarns can vary from the grower. This can at times affect the dye lot within our yarns. Dye lot variation is common in processing natural fibres. Whilst we do our utmost to avoid this there can at times be slight variances to any colour within the HMCo range. We have offered some additional descriptions of our linen palette that may assist you when selecting a colour.

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