Tips for styling with Hale Mercantile Co. cushions

Styling with cushions around your home is a quick and clever way to give your home a makeover. Cushions are a perfect way to mix and match trends and whatever your preference, experimentation is the key. Introducing cushions to your home is an opportunity for you to express yourself and showcase your creativity but most importantly, just have fun with it! 

Choose your colour palette 

The first, and maybe most difficult task is identify which colour cushions you’ll introduce. If you have a look around your room, taking into consideration all the other soft furnishings (throws, rugs etc), art on the walls, curtains and any existing accessories. By doing this, identify two to three central colours in your room and this will become your colour palette. 

Use cushions to set the tone of your room. 

Decorative cushions can completely transform a room so it is important to take into consideration the entire aesthetic of the room before making changes. You can uplift your sofa or bed by mixing textures and shapes to add visual interest and create a sense of depth and contrast. 

Know the style of your room. 

If your style is more relaxed, it is best to opt for an odd number of cushions to create a sense of carefree, laidback style. For a three-seater couch, you can add up to five completely different scatter cushions, so long as you stay true to your chosen colour palette. 

For a more traditional and timeless look and feel to your room, include  an even number or cushions to elude structure. An effective way to achieve this for your lounge room is to choose two matching sold colour cushions and place these at each end of you couch. Then by choosing two smaller striped cushions or our printed cushions and place those in front of the other two. 

Consider the seasons. 

Since soft furnishings can be changed with ease, they are great for updating your space quickly. Always think about how you can use your cushions to reflect the changing seasons. Light coloured cushions are perfect for spring and summer, then you can then replace them with warmer colours in the autumn and winter. Small changes like this can help keep your design concept fresh and up-to-date year after year.