The Entertainer's Table

With the warmer weather upon us, it is the perfect time to host a gathering for family and friends. Styling an entertainment table deserves a special touch, no matter what your plans are. Whether you are throwing a big dinner party, a picnic in the park or a spring BBQ at home, it’s fun to add some touches to make it shine!

Getting creative with your table setting doesn’t mean you have to buy all new decorations and crockery, sometimes it is as simple as adding a new linen tablecloth in a different colour or freshening up with some new linen napkins. The key to success is to combining colors and items you love with a few statement pieces and a creative twist.


Our solid and striped linen table napkins are a great addition to any dinner party or picnic setting. Our Basix stripe napkins bring a casual accent to a table setting and mix perfectly with all our Basix solid coloured linen napkins and as with all our linen, our napkins are also pre-washed to give that relaxed look and feel. There is no need to fold them in an extravagant way for a casual gathering, just place and top with cutlery and be done! Using a mix of solid and strip napkins will add a proper pop of colour to any party.


With November just around the corner, flowers are an obvious option for your table but you don’t always have to have a blooming floral arrangement. Think outside box and style your table with country pampas grasses, tropical ferns or even tree branches from your garden. Details like placing them at the end of the table or off-centre creates a different style and also avoids blocking the view of your guests. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that add the most texture and tone to a table setting and it’s these small details that are often most cherished by your guests.

Tablecloth & Table Runner

Our pure linen tablecloths and table runners have the perfect relaxed look and feel to them and are designed to be mixed, match and layered together. Layering tablecloths and runners will create a designer look to your table setting. Choose multiple sizes of tablecloths to layer and top it all off with a table runner down the centre of the table, or several shorter ones laid across the width of the table. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but be sure to keep a cohesive colour palette or theme to tie it all together.


Different coloured cutlery, glassware and plates are another way to add interest to your table. Mix up your materials for a natural look (you never want a table to feel forced). Use a colour palate of neutral bowls, plates, serving trays and even slates of stone. From rustic and traditional to unique and contemporary, there are endless tableware and cutlery designs to explore and these are a great way to set the mood.

So for occasions big or small, inviting friends and family over for a meal is always special, giving your table setting a little bit of love and attention will be well remembered. Remember, the art of entertaining is the art of giving all of yourself for the pleasure of your guests… along with lots of laughs and fun of course!