Celebrating World Sleep Day

For many of us, a good nights’ sleep is often (and unfortunately) considered a ‘luxury’ rather than a necessity. Busy schedules, family commitments, device distraction, and aiming for the coveted work/life balance often means time for rest and restoration falls low on the priority list. 

To combat this whirlwind past-paced culture, the World Sleep Society developed ‘World Sleep Day’. This annual international event was designed to raise awareness for the importance of sleep and sleep health. At Hale Mercantile Co we are passionate about creating luxurious linen spaces to relax in. We appreciate the need to slow down and linger is stronger than ever. So naturally, we are a great believer in World Sleep Day.  

Why is sleep important?

Sleep plays an important part in overall our health and wellbeing. Good quality sleep is key to improving cognitive, mental and physical health. Sleep gives your body and mind time to rest and repair, so it’s important to get enough sleep each night. Most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep, while children and babies require more.  

Tips to improve Sleep Health

  • Exercise regularly. Burning excess energy helps prepare your body for a time of rest
  • Limit caffeine intake. We all know caffeine keeps you buzzing, and this is not ideal when you're trying to slow down your mind before bed
  • Remove sound and light distractions in your bedroom. That’s right – using your phone or electronic devise before bed could be inhibiting your ability to fall asleep
  • Create a relaxing bedroom environment. Use this space to unwind, and keep this area separate from other distracting routines such as checking your phone or replying to emails. Make your bedroom a space you naturally want to relax into – happily we can help you with this one


Luxury Linen to help you unwind

Natural and textured linen bedding is the perfect antidote to the external chaos, imbuing a space with a natural aesthetic while evoking an understated luxury. Fill your bedroom with beautiful linen items and cultivate a space of calm and relaxation. Luxury linen is perfect for layering and creating a relaxed, dreamy sleep sanctuary any time of the year. Our pure linen yarns are made from high-quality long fibre French and Belgian flax developing incomparable texture and tone. Softened to ensure luxurious comfort, pure linen fibres offer superior breathability; keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter.