Pure Linen Sheets - if you only buy one thing

Thinking of making an entrée into pure linen sheets but unsure where to begin?  If you feel it’s time for a change and are hesitant to make the investment, here’s our guide to help you navigate the world of luxury linen bedding. 

Quality is paramount when choosing bed linen and pure linen, produced in Europe is not a cheap purchase, but quality European linen will always work out to be the better investment in the long run.  If cared for properly it will last a lifetime and look even better with age. 

You want to begin your collection with a classic piece such as our Flocca pure linen sheets that are versatile and will make the transition between seasons and your existing bed linen effortless.  HMCo’s classic colour palette includes neutrals, darks and lights that will all work beautifully with any bed linen. 

Here are reasons why we love our flat pure linen sheets:

  • they can be used as a throw at the end of the bed with your existing bed linen to soften the look and create a relaxed feel.
  • the generous size of our pure linen sheets will allow you to cover the bed so the they look more like a bed spread and can be tucked in for a tailored look and dressed with a pair of simple pillowcases.
  • if using linen sheets under your duvet cover, allow them to fall softly and the extra width will show a hint of colour underneath adding interest.
  • natural fibres are the first choice in bed linen and our pure linen sheets allow for breathability; keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter.
  • start with a neutral colour that can be later paired with linen pillow cases and accessoriesin stronger tones or patterns.  Colours such as Fog, Ayrton, Sable and Tempest are perfect to begin with.
  • the small details count for much and our Flocca finish with its hand ‘tufted’ egdes, sets us apart and will add detail.
  • designed with a relaxed textural appeal, HMCo pure linen sheets require no more than a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. No ironing needed!

Use our Flocca linen sheets to adorn your bedroom and elevate your bed linen to the next level.  There's no going back.

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