Brand Spotlight: Nicolette Johnson

Beautiful form meets essential function – this is what so many ceramic artifacts throughout history have come to represent. Perhaps this is the reason why ceramic art has held the fascination of so many creatives to this present day. A single piece may communicate so much – an abstract or implicit story captured within a three-dimensional form. 

Certainly, it does not take a second glance at the works of Nicolette Johnson to understand that a deeper meaning lies within the organic lines and bulbous protrusions of her captivating pieces. 

Johnson is a ceramic artist based in Brisbane, whose work explores symmetry and balance, organic form, and the importance of the artefact. Using traditional techniques such as wheel-throwing, coiling, and sculpting, Nicolette imbues ancient forms with a strikingly modern aesthetic. 

With a background in photographic art and social documentation, Nicolette is relatively new in the world of ceramic art. She began studying ceramics in 2015 and already has some significant achievements to her name. With several stockists throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria plus a list of successful exhibitions and even a public collection in the National Gallery of Victoria, we have only just begun to see the extent of her creative success.   

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