Abbie Melle Collaboration Part One

Last week we were excited to share our first edition in a two-part series of our most recent collaboration with the very talented Abbie Melle. If you haven’t signed up to receive our newsletter you may have missed out of this recent collab! This blog post will help catch you to to speed, but don’t forget to sign up to our subscriber base to ensure you don’t miss out on future styling pieces and exclusive HMCo. news. 

Our ongoing partnership with Abbie is always a joy. Known for her timeless style and detailed eye behind the lens she has a very defined skill for capturing the peace and calm found in quiet corners which allows her images to exude the feeling of sanctuary. We are always enamoured with how she works with Hale Mercantile Co pieces to portray her style in the most tranquil scenes. In our latest partnership, we had Abbie working from our new colour palette and we have put together a series of styled images from our collaboration to share with you. 

In this part, we show how Abbie has worked our new Armee hue as a base to set the tone for a room. Reminiscent of lush remote pastures, Armee is our latest addition to contribute to the theme of bringing the outside in. 

Utilising time-worn vintage pieces to accompany a simple colour palette and good natural light Abbie highlights the textural integrity of Hale Mercantile linen. 

When styling your table with Armee, opt for neutral and organic hues to compliment. Add a touch of tonal foliage and create the perfect table setting with rustic centre pieces teamed with our Fog napkins and Ayrton tablecloth

In the living space, Abbie blends autumn tones with Armee to create a sense of warmth. The brown tones from our pure linen palette such as Russo and Brun have created an earthy backdrop and Sable is always a good addition to add a neutral lightness to your linen story. 

Abbie's bedroom aesthetic always exudes a sense of calm. Armee is used as the hero in the bedroom partnered with simple neutrals such as Sable. Texture is most important to keep a simple palette timeless and endearing. Our Italian Merino wool blanket in Fysk is added as the perfect textural layering piece. 

We loved Abbie working with our Hale Mercantile Co. collection, her efforts to illuminate our texture and relaxed style have been captured perfectly. 

We hope you enjoyed this collaboration as much as we do.