Living Room Trends

There is no doubting that here at Hale Mercantile Co. we obsess over well designed and exceptionally crafted living rooms. The central space for family, entertaining, relaxing, but most importantly, the true sense of the feeling “at home”. We take a look at current style trends and inspiration and ways in which you incorporate these trends into your own space.


Trending this year at Milan Design Week was the return of loose looped yarn weave Boucle. Appearing on upholstered furniture and textural accessories, the look inspires a revamped take on a classic weave. The stunning Albert Park residence by Design by Golden showcased this trend, and you can add a touch of boucle with the hand woven Alpaca Linen Throw by Hale Mercantile Co. Alternatively, take the full leap into the style with acontemporary sofa such as the Barba Sofa by Fogia.

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Feature tiles

With the recent influx of unique handcrafted tiles/mosaics to the Australian market, we are seeing feature walls being clad in tiles to create an extra layer of texture and depth in living areas. Doherty design integrated a selection of subtle and textural feature tiles into the Thorton Residence design with dramatic results. 

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Clay hues 

Trending colours right now include terracotta, blush and tan. Our tip? Go bold with these earthy hues and avoid a monotonous colour palette. Make a statement. If you're a little hesitant to go wild with these trending tones, keep it simple by using your accessories to add a colour pop. Brighten up a clean white slip sofa with a bold terracotta pattern and a statement armchair. For more inspiration on how to achieve this look check out the incredible penthouse apartment project by Strutt Studios. Integrate this style with Hale Mercantile Co. by opting for our Russo, Rosa, and Carmel hues across pure linen acccessories

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Sheers floor to ceiling 

Finally, aim for a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines. Classic modernist Scandinavian styling featuring cornice free ceilings and glazed walls made popular in the 1950's and 60's are back on trend this season. Emulate this look with floor to ceiling sheer curtains to soften the bold, harsh lines and cold structural finishes.  The curtains become a statement feature while creating a feeling of lightness to contrast hard surfaces. Basix Sheer Linen Curtains by Hale Mercantile Co. are the perfect inclusion to add a soft, whimsical touch to your modernist room. Yarra Valley House by Chelsea Hing a the perfect example of this style. 

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