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With the holiday season in full swing, you’ll probably be giving the table linen (see our previous post on styling your Christmas Table), crockery, cutlery and glassware a good workout and nothing dresses up a table more than sparkling stemware. Here are some of our favourites that we’d be happy to while away the hours and hand-wash elbow deep in suds after several champagnes. Chin chin…

@nasonmoretti have been addressing those who are not easily pleased, those who love and search for value and elegance in everyday gestures and objects. During the first 90 years, their blows and breaths have been numerous, but they have encouraged only one passion that has warmed up by the fire of the crucibles and has expressed itself in the elegance and fragility of the Venetian glass.

Since 1586, @saintlouiscrystal designs every day crystal creations – tableware, vases, chandeliers and lighting items;  crafted by master glassblowers and cutters considered to be among the very best in France. All possess irreplaceable knowledge and ancestral skills that have been enriched from generation to generation. Their crystal is mouth-blown, hand-cut, hand-engraved and hand-decorated using 24-carat gold or platinum.

Born and bred in Melbourne, @plummwineglasses is the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. The Plumm team sought opinions from some of the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers, wine judges and wine writers. It was their job to sniff, swirl, slurp, argue and inspire and they are proud to be the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles, producing the highest quality in crystal.

@larochere_na has been producing artisanal glass in the heart of France for more than 500 years, making it the oldest continuously running glass factory in Europe. The company is recognized around the world for designing and producing authentic, high quality glassware with French style for today’s modern home. Nestled in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté region of France, La Rochere produces all of its glassware in-house. Surrounding forests provide natural materials needed to fuse the glass, such as silica sand and soil, along with firewood and ferns to heat the furnaces.



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